Winter Salads – 7 June


Wednesday 7th June
5:30pm – 7:30pm

2 Hour Demonstration Workshop
Complimentary glass of Squealing Pig Wine or Pre + Probiotic Good Sh*t Soda on arrival.

Been to a salad workshop before? We’d love to have you back! Don’t worry, all of the recipes + tips are totally different in every workshop!
We will be cooking four of our favourite winter-focused salad recipes, and you get to sample everything we make! We do recommend having a light snack before the workshop.

What to expect?

From the moment Two Raw Sisters began, we have been known for our ‘salads’. We say ‘salads’ because we really need to come up with another name for them. These aren’t your typical salads: most people think salads are iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and feta if you’re lucky.

To us, salads are the starting point of every meal. Work lunches, throw together midweek dinners, entertaining with family and friends. Whether you’re cooking for one, or two, a family of four, or a whole crowd of people, there is no better sight than a table filled with big round platters layered up high with eye-catching colours, flavours, and textures.

We encourage you to start your meals with plants first.

For many of us, before we walk out the door in the morning we will pull out the steak or chicken from the freezer for dinner. This results in vegetables being the last-minute side, eating boring stir-fried veggies day in, and day out. This workshop is the perfect one if you catch yourself doing this all the time.

After this workshop, your perception of how to start a meal will change…

This workshop will educate you on substituting + using what you have in the fridge, reducing food waste. You will spend less time in the kitchen. You will gain confidence around flavours and changing a recipe to suit you. You will leave inspired by how delicious, fun, and exciting vegetables can be.

We welcome all eaters into our kitchen. Come on your own or shout out to your good friend, mum, workmate, or granddaughter.

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