We have been getting our fresh fruits and vegetables from Veges Direct, a Christchurch based grower, for years now. They have continuously been delivering Two Raw Sisters boxes full of farm fresh, seasonal produce, making our job of making irresistible salads easy.


We order the highest quality grass-fed beef fillet from this trusted brand. Just like Two Raw Sisters, sustainability is at the forefront of Silver Ferns Farm. Their mission to create the best possible farming environment for their animals means the meat is nutrient dense and tastes great too! We value their ongoing commitment to protecting the land, protecting our animals, our farmers and our future.


A family run farm in North Canterbury. Personally, we buy off this brand, so it was a no-brainer to have them as our chicken supplier. Knowing where our food comes from and the effort that goes into producing it is paramount to Hurunui Farms. Their farmers are dedicated to delivering the best possible product and we think it is the best chicken in NZ!


Akaroa Salmon 100% NZ family owned salmon farm in Akaroa. We believe their salmon is the freshest, highest quality salmon with amazing flavour. We love its nutritional benefits of being an excellent source of Omega-3s, as well as being high in protein and a great source of selenium, iodine, and vitamins. At Two Raw Sisters we prioritise good practices which is why we love Akaroa Salmon. Each pen is 99% water and 1% fish, there are strong flows and deep waters from the Pacific Ocean, they hand feed the fish everyday and hire local people.


We have been big fans of Jermey and Alice since they first started baking. They use the highest quality grain from Methven to produce their insanely delicious fermented sourdough.You will find yourself eating this delicious bread when you order our insanely tasty ‘sourdough sandos’ and the simple yet fancy side of ‘sourdough and butter’. We think we have our hands on the best bread in Christchurch.


We have been using Otis Oat Milk since day dot. Made with the best oats grown in Dunedin, Tim and Chris have a vision that combines a great tasting, quality product with a mission of creating a more sustainable planet for future generations.


The world’s first pre and probiotic soda. A refreshing alternative to kombucha. Every can contains one third of your daily fibre and 1 billion probiotics. We sip away at one of these most days, benefiting not only our taste buds but our gut too!


For those that aren’t familiar with miso, it is a traditional Japanese fermented soybean paste. Two Raw Sisters love to use miso in a lot of our sweet and savoury recipes. We believe it is the best of the best. We love that Urban Hippie Miso is locally made in Nelson with quality ingredients, it is GMO free and it is fermented for more than 6 months, making it great for your gut health. Happy gut equals a happy mind.

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