App Help & FAQ

Q. How do I subscribe to the Two Raw Sisters App?

A. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and open the app to the home screen. You will see four options to ‘Sign Up’:

  1. Email
  2. Google 
  3. Facebook 
  4. Apple 

Select one of these options and enter the forms. You will be asked to select a subscription and you will automatically start for FREE 7 DAY TRIAL.

You will use this ‘Sign In’ option to login to your app account every time.

Q. How do I sign in to my account?

A. From the home screen select ‘Already have an account? Sign in’. If you created your account with:

  1. Email: Use the form to type in your email address and password
  2. Google, Facebook or Apple: Select the ‘Sign In With (Google/ Facebook/ Apple)’ button and follow the steps

You must use the same account information (email/ Google/ Facebook/ Apple) that you selected to ‘Sign Up’. Be cautious of creating an additional account if you select a different ‘Sign In’ option.

Q. What if I forget my password?

A. From the app home screen select ‘Already have an account? Sign in’. If you created your account with:

  1. Email: Select ‘Forgot Password?’ and you will receive an email to reset your password
  2. Google, Facebook or Apple: Select the ‘Sign Up / Sign In With (Google/ Facebook/ Apple)’ button. If it asks you to enter your password and you can’t remember what it is, you will need to reset it by logging into your Google, Facebook or Apple account and selecting ‘Settings’ and ‘Accounts’.

Q. Why haven’t I received my ‘Forgot Password’ email?

A. Did you sign up using your Google, Facebook or Apple account? If so, this is why you won’t be able to use the ‘Forgot Password’ function. You will need to change your password by following the steps in the question above.

Q. Why are my card details not working?

A. The credit card details are handled by Google/ Apple. The error message you have received indicates that some of your information is missing. This is stopping Google/ Apple from processing your payment information.

You need to log into your Google/ Apple account and check that all of your information has been filled out correctly. You may have missed filling out a field, or your payment information or address information may not match what you have entered on the Two Raw Sisters App.

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